Trust Services

Depending on your financial picture, trusts may be the best avenue for you to pass your legacy on to the next generation. Trusts can save taxes, protect assets from creditors, provide for minor age children and/or protect funds from being eroded by family members.

Byron Financial offers a full range of fiduciary and administrative services. We are able to establish fiduciary relationships where state and local laws are most favorable for our clients. Our team is also experienced in administering trusts for clients, and will customize a sophisticated investment plan in accordance with the terms of the trust and the wishes of the beneficiaries. When working along-aside a trustee, we are qualified to handle all of the trust’s responsibilities including investing the assets, balancing the needs of current and future beneficiaries, as well as manage the specialized accounting and tax reporting that goes along with handling a trust.

There are several different types of trusts that can be incorporated in a wealth management plan. We can help you navigate through the benefits of irrevocable life insurance, charitable, revocable living and charter trusts and see which one, if any, fits into your financial goals.