Our Process

At Byron Financial we focus on a consultative wealth management process that is designed to help our clients make smart decisions with their money.

The first step in designing this customized portfolio is sitting down with you for a comprehensive evaluation of your current financial picture, as well as your personal and business financial goals and any changes you may see along the way. We examine cash flow needs, tax strategies, risk tolerance, insurance and estate planning requirements. From there, our team develops a wealth management plan to see you reach your goals. The plan starts with investment consulting, incorporates advanced planning and utilizes relationship management in the following ways:

  • Investment Consulting:
    • Wealth Preservation – securing wealth
  • Advanced Planning:
    • Wealth Enhancement - mitigating and minimizing taxes
    • Wealth Transfer - maximize efficient transfer to future generations
    • Wealth Protection - making sure your assets are not unjustly taken
    • Charitable Planning - help you have the biggest impact with your wealth
  • Relationship Management: Long-term client relationships and coordination of professional advisors including attorneys, accountants, bankers, etc.

Once the plan is executed, we continually monitor your portfolio’s performance and have an open dialogue with our clients to provide updates, as well as make recommendations and any adjustments should they be necessary.